The right decision at the right time (vision) 
 through due process and independent consideration of cases concerning coercive measures (mission)
 based on trust, transparency and respect (values)


What our values mean to us:


  • Our dialogue and communication with parties must inspire trust as a prerequisite for good processes
  • Trust that colleagues in the tribunal and the agency have the best intentions and want to help each other to achieve good results
  • Helps us to ensure sound and appropriate consideration and decisions


•    Transparent and accessible to the outside world in matters that we can be open about (procedures, how we work)
•    Be able to raise difficult issues and topics internally without fear of negative consequences, and to prevent the occurrence of undesirable incidents or censurable conditions being covered up
•    Linked to trust


  • Treat all parties to a case with courtesy and empathy, understand differences and diversity
  • Acknowledge other people’s work, be caring
  • Accept and be loyal to decisions and assignments]