The County Social Welfare Board (Board) may decide to handle a case without a negotiation meeting.  A decision may be made without holding a negotiation meeting when the parties to the case consent to it. The board has the possibility to select and intermediate a solution, such as the case will be decided solely by the board chair on the basis of written documentation after the parties present proof.

When the case concerns a demand for an amendment of a formal ruling (In Norwegian vedtak) of an earlier decision, the board may choose to treat the case in a simplified way, even though the parties in the case do not agree with such a procedure. The decision to use simplified treatment can be made if the board chair finds this unobjectionable.  

1. Case lodged

The municipality lodges a case.

2. The parties and children may comment on the matter

3. Preparation and decision

The board prepares the case and decides if the case will be treated as a simplified treatment, without a negotiation meeting. 

4. Decision/ruling

The board sends a written administrative decision/ruling (In Norwegian vedtak).